10 Interview Mistakes

A good performance in an interview greatly increases your chances of getting a job or job. Again, interview mistakes bring opposite results. If you are a little careful you can avoid these mistakes.

1. Appearing late: Appearing at the interview board on time is indicative of your punctuality. Therefore, arriving late may give interviewers a negative impression at first. Try to start the journey with some time in hand so that you can attend the interview board before the scheduled time.

2. Improper Dressing: Dressing appropriately and elegantly during the interview is very important. If you don’t dress appropriately, you will fail to project a confident attitude, which will make you appear vulnerable throughout the interview.

3. Good Gestures: An important aspect of the interview is to maintain an elegant, polite and humble demeanor. During the interview it is imperative that your movements and gestures are fluent and cordial. Therefore, during the interview, no gesture can be made, which is visible and amounts to rudeness.

4. Not answering questions correctly or cheating: As a candidate you have to answer all the questions confidently during the question and answer session. Your answer should be clear, concise and reasonable. Being vague or not being clear when answering can set you back compared to other candidates.

5. Avoiding questions: The questioner should never avoid questions. Try to answer all the questions. Summarize what you understand about the question fluently and clearly. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say “sorry, I don’t know”.

6. Slandering Current or Previous Employment: Under no circumstances should any current or previous employment or employer be slandered during an interview. Instead, state a reasonable reason for leaving the job.

7. Show more confidence: As a candidate you must present a confident and assertive personality in the interview board. But under no circumstances should one show overconfidence. This may give the interviewer a negative impression of you.

8. Lying or providing wrong information: Lying about your experience, qualifications, personal matters etc. in the interview board is foolish. Giving wrong information on these matters can damage your image later on. There is also a possibility of job loss in severe cases.

9. Repeated apologies: Repeatedly using the word “sorry” during an interview can negatively impact your overall evaluation and acceptance. In addition, repeatedly apologizing or expressing inferiority complex about your lack of experience or qualifications will stand in the way of revealing your strong personality.

10. Not paying attention to the interviewer or interrupting the interviewer: Not listening to the interviewer or interrupting the interviewer may annoy the interviewer. During the interview, a candidate should listen carefully to the interviewer and respond after the interviewer has finished.

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