9 Easy Job Interview Questions and Answers

Getting a job is not easy. Your chances of succeeding among the many desirable candidates are as good as how you present yourself to the interviewer.

So let’s find out some job interview tips that will help you land the right job. So let’s get started.

1. Tell us something about yourself:

It seems like a simple question but there are important hints in it. You have to be very careful to answer this question. There are many things written about you in your biodata but the interviewer wants to know about you from your mouth.

In this case say those which are not mentioned in your biodata.

Why did you leave your job, what is your favorite subject, how can you do your job well, why do you want to do this job?

This question also tests the interviewer’s ability to lead. So keep these things in mind while answering.

2. Second question What is your biggest weakness?

Be a little careful in answering this question.
Through this question you want to know about the interview and your weaknesses.

You can say that your biggest weakness is that you don’t think about anything else when you are engrossed in work. So when you get the job you want, you don’t have time to measure it.

Answering this question turns your interviewer around by saying that you are so committed to your job that you want nothing more when you get the right job. A smart answer.

3. Third question What is your greatest strength or quality?

In this case, as before, the answer should be given a little cautiously.

Without talking too much, you can talk about some project or work before you where you can talk about how you tackled a problem in this way.

Can you share some case studies that illustrate how you solved the problem? Answering this question in this way will make your interviewer happy.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

This answer is quite important. In fact, you should read a little more about the company you are interviewing for.

You can give your answer according to what is the future plan of the company or in some cases can work in that company.

For example, if you are interviewing for a digital marketing professional position at an e-commerce company, you can say that you want to be the company’s digital marketing project manager.

Since you are a digital marketing expert, you want to spread the company well with your digital marketing skills. After this answer no further objections can be made to your interview.

5. Where did you hear about this job?

Think before you answer this question. If you know the quota of this work through the current employee of any company then you can say that.

Moreover, you can also say that you have been following this company for a long time and are quite aware of its movements. In that case the interviewer will be happy to answer this question. Because he wants to hire someone who knows enough about his company.

6. Why are you leaving your current job?

Whatever you are with your current company, you should keep in mind that you don’t make any bad name about your old company.

In this case, if you badmouth your old company, your current interviewer may think that if this person badmouthed me about the previous company, he may later badmouth my company to others.

It is never advisable to make any negative comments about your previous company.

Rather it should be said that the reason I want to leave my current company is because I want to take my career and job to another level. You can also say that you think you can make good use of the skills you have at this company.

7. What kind of environment do you want in your work?

How do you like your work environment? In this case, you need to remember that you should have a good idea about the company you want to join.

If you are used to working alone, then you should say that you are good at working in teams. Because no good work is done without everyone’s efforts. One job can be in freelancing. But everyone should work for the job.

8. The next question may be how much salary do you expect?

These are the most important questions of your interview. Before you answer this, say that you used to earn a certain amount in your previous job and are currently looking for a job within that amount.

In this case, you will express your opinion clearly so that you do not have any regret later. But you can get 20% to 30% salary hike from your current salary.

The question after this is the last question. This is an important question.

9. In this case, the interviewer may ask you, money or job security, which is more important to you?

In this case, the answer to this question should be turned around. Your answer should be that you can say that money is a big factor because without money there is no point in doing a job without money but money is not the last word in a job.

A certain mental security is also needed. Best of all, there is a nice balance between money and emotional security.

If you answer the questions in this way, your interviewer will be happy enough to answer your questions and will develop a positive attitude towards you.

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