99% of Candidates Make This Mistake

The most common mistake that ends up costing you a job offer is:

Failing to make it about THEM.

While it’s important to showcase your skills, strengths, expertise, and experience, it’s equally important to demonstrate how these will bring value to the company and align with the responsibilities of the role.

Most of the candidates think that the interview is all about themselves, and this mindset doesn’t let them win the job.

Instead, focus on:

➡️ How your skill fits into their job
➡️ How does your expertise help them complete their task effectively
➡️ How your Experience can contribute to the company’s goals and targets

Let’s understand this with sample answers:

❌ Incorrect Approach:

“I’ve done a lot of project management, and I’ve done it well. I get things done, I’m good at solving problems, and I’m good at leading. I’m the best candidate for this job.”

✔️ Correct Approach:

“I’ve done successful project management projects that met deadlines and budgets. Using my skills for problem-solving and leadership can help with task efficiency and team success, which will help the company achieve its objectives.”

By adopting this approach, you’ll leave a positive and lasting impression, significantly enhancing your prospects of securing the desired job.

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