Attracting Candidates

The purpose of analyzing the vacancy is to have a clear picture in mind of the job requirements and the type of person you wish to recruit. Then you must set about trying to attract suitable applicants for this position.

Not only do you want to attract a good number of candidates for interview, but perhaps more importantly you wish to attract the right quality of candidates. In other words it is the quality of applicants and not the quantity that you attract which is most important.

In seeking to attract applicants it is important to consider two sources:

>>> Internal Recruitment
As mentioned, it is important to think about whether the position can be filled internally before looking externally. This is particularly relevant for supervisory or management positions. Internal recruitment has the
following advantages:
 Reduces recruitment costs.
 Internal candidates are already familiar with your organisation, its aims, objectives etc.
 Can act as a motivating factor for others in the business by showing them that it is possible to move ‘up the ranks’.
 A candidate from outside the company will always be an ‘unknown quantity’ no matter how effective your selection process. On the other hand a person promoted from within is already known to you.

However, it will not always be an option to recruit or promote from within. The important message is not to overlook a potential applicant already working for you as it can have a detrimental effect on their morale and their commitment to the organisation.

>>>External recruitment
There are many sources of external recruitment including:
 Websites.
 National/local newspapers/trade journals.
Recruitment agencies/consultants.
 Employment fairs/seminars/open days.

The source(s) of recruitment you use will be dependent upon a number of factors such as:
 The type of position you are seeking to fill.
 The amount of money you wish to spend on filling the position.
 What has worked well in the past.
 The nature of the job market at the time you are recruiting.

As advertising is an expensive source of generating interest in available positions, it is important that the content of the advertisement achieves the following objectives:
 To reach the desired target audience.
 To attract the required number of suitable candidates.
 To send out the right image about your company.
The AIDA principle can guide you here, and your advertisements should:
 Gain the Attention of the right people.
 Create Interest in the minds of those people.
 Instil a Desire in them to apply for the position.
 Provide them with information on how Apply for the position.

The content of the advertisements you place should include some or all of the following information, depending upon the nature of the position being advertised;
 Brief promotional description of the company.
 Job title.
 Location.
 Description of the post.
 Qualifications and experience required.
 Conditions of employment including salary.
 Relocation expenses, if applicable.
 Promotional prospects, if any.
 Closing date.
The type of language used in your advertisement should always reflect the nature of the position you are seeking to fill.

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