Eight ‘familiar’ questions asked in the job interview

Candidates have to face the interview board before being recruited for any job. This process is organized to verify that you are suitable for the position you have applied for. At present, there is a huge demand for English as well as English as a medium of communication in the workplace, so through the interview, at the same time, your fluency in Speaking and Listening in English is also noticed.

Due to lack of regular practice, many people do not face any problem in reading and writing in English, but they are embarrassed to have conversations in English. Since the interview is a bit of a formal process, you need to be careful about word choice and syntax. Because, the person sitting in front is not your future work boss, any of your acquaintances or friends.

Hear is eight common questions asked in English in the interview and the answers to them. At the same time we will discuss what to avoid when answering.

1. Say something about yourself:
You may encounter this question at the beginning of the interview. If the questioner wants to do a little more, ‘Run me through your CV.’ (Give me an idea of ​​your CV.) How you answer this question will also give you an idea of ​​your communication skills. Avoid such answers as ‘I love watching movies.’, ‘I love partying!’, ‘I have so many friends.’

‘I grew up in France and I studied accounting. I also worked for an accounting farm for 8 months. I really enjoy solving numbers and maybe this is the reason why I like this job. In my spare time I like to read. ‘

Take a short break between two sentences by using gap fillers to avoid fumbling or stuttering between words and adjusting the next sentence.

2. What are your strengths:
This question is asked to see how positive you are about yourself. When answering, try not to speak directly about your quality in a sentence but to discuss it briefly. Say ‘I am a very friendly person.’

‘My strongest strength is attention to detail. I totally believe in planning and execution. In fact, when I was in my college I used to organize my week. Because of my very outgoing nature many people have said that I am quiet approachable so, I believe these are my strengths. ‘

3. What are your weaknesses
The answer to this question is straightforward ‘I am very impatient.’, ‘I get angry really fast.’

‘I think my weakness is I am way too detail oriented (Oriented). I try to accomplish everything and I just want everything to be perfect, but then I realize, I am taking extra time / I am spending too much time. And, maybe that makes me submitting projects late. So I guess this is my weakness. ‘

The questioner’s purpose in asking this question is to see if you know your weaknesses and how you can put them to good use.

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
The question is asked to see how far you can go in the future. Many are a little unprepared to answer, because no one knows what will happen in the future. The same question can be asked, “What are your long-term / short-term goals?”

Do not lighten the atmosphere with unrealistic answers like ‘I would like to be the CEO of this company.’, ‘I would like to own an airline’.

‘Well five years from now, I would like to be in the management position. Till then, I would like to gain practical experience and then eventually become a Manager. Of course, I would like to share and learn new things from my team members. ‘

5. What do you know about our company?
You have to face this question in any interview. The questioner wants to know how interested you are in this job and whether you have researched the company before applying. So be prepared to answer this question, do enough research about the company on the internet, so that you do not have to face embarrassment and say a lot like this:

‘Your company is very well known for the customer service and you also won an award for the best service provider in the country. ‘

6. How well do you handle change?
Change in the workplace is a normal process. Many are unable to adapt to this change. In addition to saying that you are able to adapt to the change in the answer to the question, you can also say a lot about any of these related incidents that happened in your previous workplace:

‘Of course I can handle a change. In my previous company, one of my bosses had to quit and the new boss changed the complete strategy of a project. We managed it with our team efforts and definitely, the result was good. So of course I am very flexible and hardworking too. ‘

7. How well do you work under pressure?
This question is asked to find out how well you fit into the extra workload. Answer this question with confidence:

‘Working under pressure or without pressure works just the same for me.’

8. How do you handle important decisions?
Many times in the workplace you may have to make important decisions. Those decisions involve the future of the company and the pros and cons. Don’t be afraid to answer such questions:

‘Handling decisions is definitely considered to be a little difficult. But, I am sure I can do it by relying on my experience. I would also look at the pros and cons, and take some advice from my team members which will help me to take a better decision. ‘

When giving an interview, try to answer with time instead of answering in one word or one line. Pay special attention to things like word choice, pronunciation. Make your mobile phone silent before entering the room. Try to get to where the interview will take place a little before the scheduled time. Arrange the necessary documents the night before the interview. Be confident about yourself. Your victory is assured.

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