Electronic technology in employee overtime management

overtime payment is one of the overheads under the compensation management by the human resource Department. According to labour laws of different countries like in United States, Fair labour standards act and in India, factories act 1948, overtime should be paid double the wage than the normal working hours.

Introduction of the electronic technology in the human resource functional task will result in better controlling and cost saving. Biometrics is the latest electronic technology design for accurate attendance maintenance for human beings with zero errors or frauds. Biometrics scans finger of human and stores permanently as his identity and proof that he is present. Many companies are entrusting attendance management to biometrics that gives accurate attendance dates with in and exit time of employee. The time employee remained in office on work can be monitored exactly and hence paid appropriate remuneration to his total working hours. Biometrics are playing very crucial role in the employee work time management that is linked with compensation management and and also in cost-saving by measuring employee work time contributed to organisation.

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