Guidelines for an effective employee recognition program

employee recognition
Now that you know how important an effective employee recognition program or reward system is, you must consider creating a strong and effective one for your workplace. It is a fact that organizations that make recognition a priority are highly successful. In order to come up with an effective and well-designed recognition program, you can follow the given basic guidelines:

The program must be clearly defined and planned.
An effective recognition program must be capable of opening up communication channels.
It must be able to improve the retention level of the best employees.
It must take into account the important achievements of each worker or employee, no matter how small or big the work position is.
It should improve confidence and self-worth among the employees.
It must help in improving and increasing the overall productivity of the workplace.
The program should have a mix of both informal and formal ways to reward.
It must be upgraded or changed regularly to avoid saturation or predictability.
It must be valid as per the policies and legal specifications.
It must be highly unbiased.

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