Help Desk KPI

Track your performance in real time to respond to tickets before they become crises.

Great customer support has the potential to elevate your product or service from “average” to “game-changing.” That’s because people are still the most important part of the business equation, and always will be. Help desk agents get this, and work hard to provide the highest quality of support possible. Use these Help desk KPIs and metrics to give your team the insights they need to elevate your product or service to the next level.

Agent Performance
Measure the performance of help desk agents according to key metrics.
The Agent Performance KPI measure the performance of help desk agents by tracking how they perform on key metrics, such as call handled, first-call resolution, and customer sentiment. This KPI is used to identify which help desk agents are performing well, and which ones are performing poorly.

This example incorporates principles of gamification. Gamification, in the content of help desks, is used to track individual agent performance by assigning agents points for tasks completed. For example, some gamification models will assign points to an agent for responding to a ticket in a certain amount of time, or for getting a customer “kudos.”

Success indicators
An agent with high scores for customer satisfaction, number of calls/tickets resolved, and other related metrics.

Ticket Queue
Analyze and prioritize your response to tickets currently in queue.
It’s imperative for help desks agents to have real-time visibility of the Ticket Queue. Tickets in the queue should have an assigned priority, and account for the ability for agents or customers to escalate the importance of a ticket. This allows agents to align their priorities, and respond to urgent tickets in a timely manner. The ticket queue should also contain information such as the age of the ticket, the responding agent, the type of ticket, and it’s current status.

Success indicators
>>A high or increasing number of tickets resolved in a short period of time.
>>A low or decreasing number of tickets ageing in the queue.

Ticket Analysis
Understand what types of tickets are being submitted to your help desk.
The Ticket Analysis visualization provides a breakdown of the different types of tickets being submitted to your help desk. Ticket categories may include ticket type, priority level, assigned agenty, and ticket source. This analysis is designed to uncover trends behind tickets being submitted. For example, if a high number of tickets submitted are marked “Questions,” it may indicate the need to write an FAQ for your customers.

Success indicators
Reducing the number of tickets that can be answered by other means, such as documentation.

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