How do you prepare for job interview questions?

To prepare for job interview questions, applicants can make a list of likely questions asked by interviewers, prepare responses relevant to experience and skills and conduct a mock interview with a friend or co-worker. Researching the company and potential industry questions can also help an applicant prepare for interview questions.

Additional techniques to prepare for interview questions include observing other interviews. For example, watching a person being interviewed on television and making notes of useful phrases and professional body language help to develop a feel for the normal give and take of an interview.

Visualize the impression you want to make and note the body language that models professional behavior. Expand on your skills, experience and personality with examples, anecdotes and accomplishments that are not on your resume. Avoid restating what the interviewer can read. Applicants should get creative and create an intriguing statement that shows how they stand out above the rest of the job candidates.

Memorize a few short phrases or responses prior to the interview to prepare. These responses should provide a 30-second overview of a general question such as “Why do you want this job?” or “What is your biggest strength?” Memorizing key words and skill phrases may help candidates to answer common interview questions.

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