How to create networking?

We meet different people for different reasons at different times. In some cases, this identity builds good relationships. This process of building relationships is called networking. The more people you can build rapport with, the more likely you are to get help in times of need. Especially in professional life it will help. But how to grow your network? Find out about that.

1. Choose a topic to talk about.
Make sure the person you talk to has similar interests to yours. If there is a match, you can talk freely, which will contribute to building a good relationship. Let’s say you both are fans of Federer. Start talking to him about Federer. You will see, the conversation has accumulated!

2. Know who you want to network with.
People love to talk about themselves. So ask the person you are talking to about their likes and dislikes or their life. Maybe he participated in debate competitions in college and was a keen debater. Try to learn about it with interest. Your interest will encourage him, which may come in handy later.

3. Stay connected through social media.
If you like someone’s work, connect with them on LinkedIn. It is the most suitable medium for professional networking. So customize your LinkedIn profile. By doing this you will be able to present yourself properly.

If you want to connect with someone on Facebook, take permission in advance.

4. Prove your skills through work.
If you have expertise and experience in a subject, let others know about it. This way they will consider you if needed. For example, a company needs a content writer. An acquaintance of yours works in that company. He knows about your writing skills. In this case, he will keep your words in mind for that content writer post.

5. Show a positive attitude.
Everyone likes people with a positive attitude. So avoid expressing frustration or negative attitude while talking to someone. Instead, emphasize something positive. In this you will indirectly encourage him to be energetic.

6. Develop the habit of listening.
Pay attention to what the person is talking to. He may know something that will be useful to you. So ask him relevant questions.

7. Keep in touch regularly.
It is very important to connect with new people as well as to keep in touch with familiar people. You may have left an office and joined a new office. Still keep in touch with previous office colleagues. It will definitely keep your network strong.

8. Build sincere relationships.
There is no depth in the relationship if the conversation or relationship is limited to work life only. So talk about other things in life. You will see the relationship becoming more sincere. However, if the other person does not like to talk about something personal, avoid it.

9. Make networking a habit.
Build friendships with at least two new people every week or every month. This will create an opportunity for you to learn something new.

Remember one thing. The best time to network is when you don’t need someone’s help directly. This will keep others from doubting your sincerity.

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