Human Resource Management MCQ’s and Answers Part-2

1. What is a decision in management?

(a) Reaching at a proper conclusion after consideration.
(b) A decision involves choosing of alternatives.
(c) A decision is the outcome of a group of people or an individual.
(d) None of the above.

2. An employee-working in a unit or plant who is a citizen of the country in which the unit or plant is located but where the unit or plant is operated by an organisation headquartered in another country _____________.

(a) Home Country National
(b) Host Country National
(c) Third Country National
(d) Host Country

3. Quantitative Technique refers to-

(a) Models, simulation, resource allocation technique.
(b) Waiting line problems and the queuing theory
(c) Gaming and Game theory and Probability theory
(d) All the above.

4. Staffing includes _______.

(a) workload estimation
(b) termination
(c) appointments of personnel, placement
(d) all of these

5 .To calculate the need for manpower on the basis of the average loss of manpower due to leave, retirement, death, transfer, discharge, etc. is known as____________.

(a) work load analysis
(b) workforce analysis
(c) job analysis
(d) forecasting

6. MPDQ stands for_____________.

(a) Management Position Description Questionnaire
(b) Management Process Descriptive Questions
(c) Methods for Personality Development Questions
(d) Modern Positions Developed Qualitatively

7. What should be the strategy of HRM?

(a) Making the long-term and short-term planning.
(b) Planning the optimum level of man­power.
(c) Introducing training programmes to personnel.
(d) All the above.

8. The process of helping unwanted present employees find new jobs with other firms called ______________.

(a) Outplacement
(b) Replacement
(c) Placement
(d) Employment

9. What is the ‘Laissez fair’ view point?

(a) A view popularized by Rosena, Bentham and Hobbes.
(b) A minimum of public intervention in economic activities.
(c) Business enterprise must get opportunity to earn more profits.
(d) The change in the concept of labor from commodity approach to human concept.

10. How can we understand the nature of human factor?

(a) Through determinants of human behavior
(b) According to the behavior of people at work
(c) The way the management influences an individual and a group.
(d) Through the study of human behavior in organization.

Answers: 1. a, 2. b, 3. d, 4. d, 5. b, 6. a, 7. d, 8. a, 9. b, 10. b

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