Leaders on the Ladder

Who was the first leader you saw in your life?

For me it was my father. He was ruling the family like a king. He knows everything and he is the ultimate decision maker. Anything you want, get his permission. Acha(papa) can I play outside? can I watch Tv? while he is going for the job amma(mom) will take over and will give orders , the most common one was “Raju go and study, Raju complete your homework” One day I lost my control and asked my amma is this a family or Indian Army? autocratic leadership?

When I started schooling, I was unfortunate and found another leader. can you guess who it was ?
Yes, it was my class leader, a girl with a round googles was exactly like google who knows everything. The girl who was leading by example and calls herself the role model, she was presiding the class in the absence of the teacher and in the intervals. Her hobby was writing our names in the blackboard even if we were silent. Even saying that she was helpful in solving problems and guided us the back benchers when ever needed. – Authoritative Leadership

Collage days started I found my favorite leader the college chairman, who was elected by us the college students, he was having an independent approach towards all of us, he let us to do things in a way that we want to do, he was enliven, promoted team spirit and cooperation. before making a final decision, he pursued our opinions too. – Democratic Leadership

Now about my style of leadership , I can undoubtedly confirm that I am a Laissez-Faire leader, I had concentrated on making my team equip and make all of them aware about each and every tasks around , I always made them anticipate my retirement thereby preparing themselves for any threats ahead and overcome it, I used to share my thoughts and ideas but will not compel them to follow it, I always made them swim of their own, with their own current. I trusted them always but monitors and provides the feedback whenever needed. The leadership style is apt for a team like mine who are highly skilled and experienced, they are self-starters and self-motivators.

I believe that leadership is like ladder and changes as per the situation demands. Let’s see the 5 levels of leadership – the Ladder of Leadership,

Level 1: Position. People follow you because they have to, they follow your position. Ex. People follow you because you are the Manager.

Level 2: Permission. People follow you because they want to. This level is based on relationship here people follow you because of your relationship with them. Its about knowing our own team and connecting with them.

Level 3: Production. People follow you because of what you have done for the organization. This level is purely based on results, In the modern world results are everything, individually and as an organization are looking for ROI. People will see you as their role model.

Level 4: People Development. People follow you because of what you have done for them. This proves that great leaders are great teachers. Who will be Identifying and developing new leaders where you invest in them and reproduce yourself.

Level 5: Pinnacle. People follow you because of who you are and what you represent. It’s the Highest level of leadership where you will invest your life into others life.

Everyone starts their leadership journey at level one. The 5 Levels of Leadership ladder provides a process to follow to grow as a leader, with the aim of making it to level five in the leadership ladder. We must climb up and down the leadership Ladder as per the situation. Leadership is about growth – for yourself, your relationships, your productivity, and your people. To lead well, you must embrace your need for continual improvement by climbing the ladder of leadership, all the best.

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