Modern Approach to HRMS

It’s not easy to manage an organization’s most valuable asset. HR Management is a laborious process. An older HR process used to be entirely human-centric and paper-based. The evolution of ERP and SAP R/2 injected technology into the world of HR. CIPHR released the first dedicated HR Management System ‘Compel’ in 1983.

Later on, in 1987, Peoplesoft launched the first HR-Centric software with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) database. As time progressed, technology has transformed the HR Management Sector with disruptive innovation. Now, legacy solutions are outdated and have been replaced by convenient cloud-based HR platforms.

Organizations have started understanding how an HRMS can enable efficiency across all tiers of their organization. And they’re looking for modern, agile, contemporary, yet cost-effective cloud hr software solutions that offer unmatched performance, efficiency, and scalability at a reduced cost. Rather than giving an inflexible package, today’s HRMS platforms provide organizations with the liberty to choose the features that they actually need and the pay-on-the-go based on usage. -Source:

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