Moving Towards Version 5.0

Talking about a positive HR style, focusing on creating scenarios for employee happiness is not easy, because this proposition for work is perceived as somewhat esoteric and linked to self-esteem issues. However, there are several approaches including practices implemented in companies that help implement a model focused on wellness. Here are some suggestions:

=>> Use tools such as positive psychology, a method through which happiness is scientifically studied and oriented toward developing qualities in people such as optimism, work ethic, capacity for enjoyment, and social responsibility.
=>> Active resilience needs to be fostered, that is, building the capacity and tools for the individual to continue to function well in adverse situations, and not just knowing how to react to one event.
=>> Focus on the needs, and ask what does your team need? People need a paycheck, but especially these days to get comments like “You’re doing great.” Such feedback creates well-being and willingness to work.
=>> Another fundamental task is to understand what motivates and drives the employee in the long run and to identify activities where the associate gets that ‘little bit more’ that satisfies him.
=>> Suggest a 3-minute plan, for example, three minutes of mindfulness to focus on the present. to employees.

A man who contributes to the progress of business has a responsibility to understand how he does not lose sight. Pandemic, in this sense, is the point of departure where we can process a reboot. Are you ready to work on your own 5.0 version?

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