Nature of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management involves management functions like planning, organizing, directing and controlling
• It involves procurement, development, maintenance of human resource
• It helps to achieve individual, organizational and social objectives
Human Resource Management is a multidisciplinary subject. It includes the study of management, psychology, communication, economics and sociology.
• It involves team spirit and team work.
• It is a continuous process.

Why Is Human Resource Management Important to All Managers? Why are these concepts and techniques important to all managers? ‘ Perhaps it’s easier to answer this by listing some of the personnel mistakes you don’t want to make while man­aging. For example, you don’t want to:
• Hire the wrong person for the job
• Experience high turnover
• Have your people not doing their best
• Waste time with useless interviews
• Have your company taken to court because of discriminatory actions
• Have your company cited under federal occupational safety laws for unsafe practices
• Have some employees think their salaries are unfair and inequitable relative to others in the organization
• Allow a lack of training to undermine your department’s effectiveness
• Commit any unfair labor practices

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