The benefits of the Leadership

A major determinant of an organization’s success is its ability to lead its managers. The better managers in an organization can lead, the more motivated their team will be, and the more likely they are to make the right decisions. And an effective method of increasing this leadership skill is the leadership development program.
ATD (Association for Talent Development) conducted research in 196 organizations and found that an effective leadership development program can benefit the organization in several ways. Research has found; Leadership development programs help 87% of leaders move to the next leadership level. These skilled leaders play a role (75%) in recruiting skilled and qualified personnel. Leadership development programs reduce turnover by 69% as managers see progression in their careers. As a result of improving the skills of leaders, they play a key role in increasing the revenue of the organization by 62%.

But the unfortunate fact is that the management of most of the companies in our country think that the leadership development program does not actually lead to any development of the employees, such programs only increase the cost of the company. And a few training programs in a year can temporarily increase the motivation level of Barojo’s employees. Furthermore, some companies are currently working on the development of their employees, but because they do not have a good post program development tracking system, there is no record of how much development is actually taking place. And because many are not programmed by quality learning and development professionals, leadership development programs remain just an outing event, with dining and socialization taking precedence.

And so as a learning and development professional, I hope that our domestic companies give real emphasis to leadership development programs to survive in the era of globalization. Then we too can one day be proud of our domestic company culture and its success.

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