The Thankless Boss

Feeling appreciated is the biggest driver of happiness for accounting professionals, according to Robert Half’s first-of-its-kind study, IT’S TIME WE ALL WORK HAPPY.® Employee recognition efforts can not only help your team members feel invested, motivated and happy to go to work each day, but they can also lead to the success of your department and company.

How to be a better boss:
=>> Show gratitude for a job well done with a handwritten note or face-to-face time.
=>> Announce accomplishments during meetings or in emails where you cc people in your company.
=>> Promote appreciation and give regular feedback and praise within the workplace by making it part of your company culture.
=>> Share information about the business and how outstanding employees contribute to the company’s success.
=>> Treat the whole team by taking them out to lunch or giving them a half day off.

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