What’s your dream job?

“I’ve thought a lot about my dream job, and for me, it’s about getting better at __ and learning more about __. I am particularly passionate about things that help with [specific work, project, or cause the company does]. And I see this job as a way to grow in those areas while contributing to your team.”

✧ Interviewers ask this to see if:
▸ Your goals fit the job and the company’s plans.
▸ You’re driven by things that match the job.

So, remember to:

⤷ Do’s:
▸ Connect your dream job to this job.
▸ Talk about skills and things you like that fit the job.
▸ Show you’re excited to learn and take on challenges.

⤷ Don’ts:
▸ Don’t talk about a dream job that has nothing to do with this one.
▸ Don’t act like this job is just a quick stop for you.
▸ Don’t just focus on the perks or money.

You can also end your answer with: “In the end, I believe finding a job where I can grow, contribute, and align my passions with the company’s mission is truly what my dream job is all about.”

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