Why Conflicts Arise

Conflict arises when one or more person tries to ensure their preferred outcome is achieved to the exclusion of the preferred outcome of others. Causes of conflict within an organization include:

=>>> Poor organization structures where people may feel alienated or isolated, thus the spirit of competitiveness and non-cooperation may be strong.
=>>> Poor communication where people don’t have the opportunity to express how they feel or to clear up causes of conflict which may arise.
=>>> Personality conflicts which cause people to clash with each other due to different styles of interaction or differing values or beliefs.
=>>> Poorly managed change within an organization, which can lead to people feeling insecure and threatened.
=>>> Lack of teamwork /poor performance, where some members of the team believe other colleagues are not competent in the jobs they do.
=>>> Overall, conflict arises when there is a non-acceptance of the differences which exist between people at work. It is also more likely to happen in organizations where there is a high level of uncertainty, or where there are poor industrial relations. The atmosphere this causes can result in a raising of tension levels and poor relationships at work.

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