Why do you want to work with us?

Roni was interviewing in a reputed company. At one point of the interview, the employer asked with a smile, “Why do you want to work with us?” Roni was a little nervous after hearing the question, he didn’t know what to say.

Why do you want to work with us? This type of question is frequently asked by employers. Answering this question is a bit difficult without prior preparation. It is not clear whether the answer will be correct and acceptable. So it is good to know how to answer this question.

Why is this question asked?
Recruiting is an investment for every organization. The organization has to spend both money and time behind a candidate being recruited. No organization wants to waste this cost. So they want to recruit someone who has the desire to work with the organization for a long period of time. So it seems like a simple question but the question is not simple at all. What the employer wants to know through this question is

1. Have you researched the company well?

2. Are you looking to do the job just for the money or does the job involve the goal of building your long-term career?

3. How well can you adapt to the organization’s own culture?

4. Above all, whether you have a strong desire to work with this organization

How to answer
To answer this question two main points need to be highlighted. Your willingness to work for this organization and how much interest you have in the job you have applied for. All you need to bring up are these two things.

A. Research on organizations
Research the organization. Get a good understanding of the company’s goals and objectives to explain how your goals align with the organization’s. See what the company is doing, how they are doing it, how they are positioned in the market, what kind of work they are doing more etc. To make the research more fruitful you can find someone who works in the company, know the internal culture of the organization from them. Know their behavior towards the employees. , flexibility etc. If you are working with a new product of the company, research the market condition, potential, why the product is good or bad. For this, you can see the company’s press release. Through press releases, you will get to know the new updates of the organization which will enrich your research. To know the internal culture of the organization, you can check the social media page of the organization (Facebook Page) and you can get a good idea about who is working in the organization. (Linkedin) via. All these researches will give you a good idea about the company and also interest you in why you want to work in the company. As you may know, the internal culture of the organization is very friendly and they increase their professional skills through training of their employees. If these things interest you, it can be a very good point to answer this question.

b. Same goal
If you have researched the organization, now is the time for step two. Figure out what you love to do in this step. What motivates you the most and what you are most good at. Because a good worker is one who loves his work. And you can love work only when it matches your goals. For this, make a list of things that attract you from the goals and objectives of the organization. Such as working with transparency, nice working environment, giving more importance to customers etc. Then organize your answer by organizing these points. For example, if you see that the organization has a strong focus on customer support, say how you would like to connect with this area of ​​the organization and how it will contribute to the achievement of the organization’s goals.

c. Finally the answer
You now know where the organization wants to reach, how it wants to reach it, and what the organization is doing to achieve it. Not only that, you get to know the internal culture of the organization, how their values ​​align with your goals. You get to know which things will help you achieve your goals. Now do all the things together. Then prepare your answer to include these points and present it to the supervisors.

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