Why is motivation important?

Motivation is important in getting and retaining people. Motivation tools act as the glue that links individuals to organizational goals, In addition, make individuals go beyond the job and be creative.


Motivation plays a critical role in achieving goals and business objectives and is equally as important for companies that work in a team-based environment or in a workplace comprised of workers who work independently. Making sure each employee’s workplace goals and values are aligned with the organization’s mission and vision is important for creating and maintaining a high level of motivation. That can lead to higher productivity, improved work quality and financial gain across all departments.

That’s because a motivated employee is a productive employee. And a productive employee is a more profitable employee. See how that works? When people aren’t motivated, they become less productive, less creative, less of an asset to your company. Now more than ever, we need motivated employees.

motivating factors motivating factors are drivers of the human behavior related to the intrinsic nature of the work, but not necessarily to the surrounding circumstances or environment. Motivating factors include achievement, advancement, autonomy, personal growth, recognition, responsibility, and the work itself.

The “Hawthorne effect” refers to improvements in worker productivity or quality that results from the mere fact that workers are being studied or observed. This observation came from studies carried out at Western Electric’s Hawthorne plant during the late 1920s. The experiments validated the idea that people are motivated by additional factors rather than by purely economic factors.

Why is employee motivation important?
You can have a lovely shiny car, but it’s worthless if it doesn’t have the power of a great engine behind it. Your employees are the engines of your organization and like any finely tuned engine your workforce to operate smoothly and effectively. The fact is employee motivation is directly linked to business profits, and the more self-motivated your employees are, the more differentiated and successful you will be as a business.
=> Motivated employees look for better ways to do a job.
=> Motivated employees care about their customers
=> Motivated employees take pride in their work.
=> Motivated workers are more productive.

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