9 Interview Myths!

As an interview coach, witnessing candidates believe in common myths is disheartening.

It can seriously shake anyone’s confidence.

Resulting in missed job opportunities.

Let’s debunk these myths and guide everyone toward a more informed approach to interviews.

So, here are some of the most common myths and their realities:

🔺Myth: Sending a thank-you email is not necessary after an interview.
✅Reality: Sending a thoughtful thank-you note can reinforce your interest, express gratitude, and leave a positive impression.

🔺Myth: Networking is only beneficial before applying for a job.
✅Reality: Networking continues to be valuable throughout your career; it’s not just about landing the initial job.

🔺Myth: Job interviews are only about the employer evaluating the candidate.
✅Reality: Interviews are a two-way street; use the opportunity to assess if the company aligns with your career goals and values.

🔺Myth: Negotiating salary is a taboo topic during the interview process.
✅Reality: Discussing salary shows professionalism and ensures both parties are on the same page before making commitments.

🔺Myth: It’s best to conceal any gaps in employment history.
✅Reality: Addressing employment gaps honestly and explaining what you learned during those periods can demonstrate resilience and honesty.

🔺Myth: I should memorize my answers word-for-word.
✅Reality: Memorizing responses can make you sound robotic; focus on understanding key points instead.

🔺Myth: Talking about weaknesses will hurt my chances.
✅Reality: Addressing weaknesses with solutions demonstrates self-awareness and a growth mindset.

🔺Myth: Online presence doesn’t matter as much as the interview itself.
✅Reality: Employers often research candidates online, so maintain a professional digital presence on platforms like LinkedIn.

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