Advantages & Disadvantages of 360 degree appraisal

Advantages of 360 degree appraisal
1. Offer a more comprehensive view towards the performance of employees.
2. Improve credibility of performance appraisal.
3. Such colleague’s feedback will help strengthen self-development.
4. Increases responsibilities of employees to their customers.
5. The mix of ideas can give a more accurate assessment.
6. Opinions gathered from lots of staff are sure to be more persuasive.
7. Not only manager should make assessments on its staff performance but other colleagues should do, too.
8. People who undervalue themselves are often motivated by feedback from others.
9. If more staff takes part in the process of performance appraisal, the organizational culture of the company will become more honest.

Disadvantages of 360 degree appraisal
1. Taking a lot of time, and being complex in administration
2. Extension of exchange feedback can cause troubles and tensions to several staff.
3. There is requirement for training and important effort in order to achieve efficient working.
4. It will be very hard to figure out the results.
5. Feedback can be useless if it is not carefully and smoothly dealt.
6. Can impose an environment of suspicion if the information is not openly and honestly managed.

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