Advantages & Disadvantages of External Source of Recruitment

Advantages of External Source of Recruitment
1. Candidates are potential sources of new ideas. They can introduce new blood into the organization with their innovative and creative thoughts and actions. This will give new momentum, competitiveness and sustainability to the organization.
2. Candidates may have broader experience which they get from their work experience in other organizations in various levels. This broad –based experience will inject new style of operations, competitive pace of work, time and resource saving techniques into the organizational work. Therefore, they may be the sources of cost effective and higher productive change agent.
3. Candidates may be familiar with competitors. People who are coming from the external sources may have knowledge about competitors and their operational practices. This may give new competitive edge to the organization.
4. Candidates may have new specialties. External sources will give people with new technical and specialized knowledge and skills that could not be available among internal candidates.

Disadvantages o External Source of Recruitment
1. The probability of mistakes is high because of less reliable information. The organizations do not have reliable information about the totality of candidates’ characteristics as it knows about internal candidates. This may make lead to wrong selection which will jeopardize the purpose of the resourcing and may be a problem to the organization.
2. Potential internal candidates may be resentful. Use of external sources for filling vacant positions will obviously reduce the possibility of internal candidates to get placement. This will cause resentment among the internal candidates and may lead to employee turnover and reduction of productivity.
3. The new employee may have a slower start because of the need for orientation to the organization. External candidates will need orientation and familiarization with the organization culture and job environment.

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