Advantages & Disadvantages of Internal Source of Recruitment

Advantages of Internal Sources of Recruitment
1. Candidates are already oriented to the organization. So, there is no need for orienting to the new recruits. This reduces cost, time, effort and hazards of the organisation.
2. Reliable information is available about candidates. Candidates are already working in the organisation and their information is with the organisation. Moreover, long-term interaction also gives reliable information about the personality characteristics of the candidates that will make the selection more correct.
3. Recruitment costs are lower. Here, involves no or very little cost as no external communication is needed.
4. Employee morale is increased due to upward –mobility opportunities. Internal sources allows the internal employees to get promotions to the higher positions . This recognition to the long standing service of the employees to the organisation will obviously increase satisfaction and morale of the employees.
5. Good performance is rewarded. Use of internal sources is a mechanism by which good performers are rewarded with promotion. This reward for good deeds will increase commitment and motivation of the employees to the job and the organisation.

Disadvantages of Internal Sources Recruitment
1. There may be fewer new ideas. The internal candidates are already exhausted their ideas, thoughts, creativity and innovation. Thus, there shall be no scope to get new ideas which will inject new momentum to the organisation.
2. Unsuccessful contenders may become upset. The internal candidates who will not be selected for higher position will be upset and demotivated. Therefore, they may be the possible source of problem in the organisation.
3. Selection is more susceptible to office politics. This source is susceptible to internal politics and conflict. Thus, the selection may be biased and be ineffective. If some specific persons are not selected, they can make disturbance in the organisation. This fear also will make selection more bias and ineffective.
4. Extensive training may be necessary. Internal candidates will require extensive training and development to make them rightly fit with the higher positions and challenges. They will be thoroughly developed with new thoughts and techniques; otherwise they would not be able to be innovative, creative and sustainable.
5. Candidates’ current work may be disrupted. Internal candidates are competently working in their current positions. If they are promoted, then current work efficiency will jeopardize. These positions should also be filled in with external candidates.

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