Advantages & Disadvantages of Job Description

Advantages of Job Description
There are many advantages of having a comprehensive job description given by a company. Some of the advantages of job description are mentioned below:

1. Helps companies understand the type of candidate they should search for based on title, position and location

2. Employees are well aware about their job roles & duties

3. Job description helps in understanding the workplace environment, benefits etc for a prospective employee

4. Helps in better recruitment & selection

5. Job description clearly highlights all the requirements, objectives & goals that it wants an employee to perform

Disadvantages of Job Description
Despite being a thorough documentation related to the job, there are certain limitation of job description:

1. Job descriptions are time bound and can change with organization structure, industry policies, company requirements etc

2. It can only highlight the macro criteria of a job but cannot fully explain the obstacles, emotional requirements etc related to the job

3. Incomplete job description lacking quality information can misguide both the HR manager as well as the employee

Hence, this concludes the definition of Job Description along with its overview.

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