Assertive Communication

Positive Words and Phrases
Dictionary says – Positive = “expressing certainty or affirmation to emphasize what
is good”
>> What I can do for you is……
>> You can be confident that..
>> I can assure you …
>> Immediately
>> I’ll do that personally for you
>> I have a solution
>> I will…
>> I am positive..
>> I will investigate this now for you…
>> Thank you
>> I can confirm that…
>> I am delighted to…
>> The good news is …….
>> The product I would recommend for you is….
>> From my experience, I would suggest ……
>> That’s not a problem
>> Any favourites of yours to add to the list

Assertiveness is all about ……
>> Being honest about yourself and others
>> Being confident
>> Trying to find solutions
>> Listening to and understanding the other point of view
>> Expressing what you want, need or feel but not at the expense of others
>> Showing genuine empathy
>> Being prepared

Quotes from assertive people
>> I’d like to tackle the task in this way. How does that affect you?
>> I know we’re really stressed at the moment. However I’ve stayed late the last 3 evenings
>> so I want to go home on time tonight
>> I understand what you are saying, however I’ve got to go. Can we tackle the problem in the morning
>> I appreciate that we normally go out to the pub on a Thursday night, however I want to stop in tonight

Aggressiveness is all about ……
>> Getting your own way (at the expense of others)
>> Making sure you come out the winner
>> Not listening to others
>> Giving no consideration to others

Quotes from aggressive people
>> Just do it.
>> I don’t agree with you
>> That’s stupid
>> Surely you don’t believe that
>> It’s your turn to go to the coffee machine
>> It’s a load of rubbish – typical of the finance department – they haven’t got a clue
>> I’d like it done by 2.30
>> No, I don’t want to go out for a drink tonight

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