Have you ever had the candidate with the excellent resume, likeable demeanor, stellar references, and perfect interview that still ended up being a bad hire? Do your employees understand what is needed from them to become a leader in your organization that can help grow the company?

The Devine Inventory is used in recruitment and talent management to ensure that a company’s greatest resource is just that – the best it can be. The Devine Inventory is based on extensive research and is among the best assessment solutions available that allows companies to select, retain, and develop both employees and managers who can help the company reach its goals. It can be used to assess all levels of employees and can be implemented for both hiring and development. From finding the candidate that will be the best fit for the job to allowing employees the opportunity to develop and contribute to their organization’s objectives and long-term success, The Devine Inventory can help your company keep costs to a minimum.

The Devine Inventory is a behavioral assessment that analyzes 33 behavioral tendencies of prospective hires or current employees, allowing company leaders to assess the following traits:

Work ethic
strategic HR, inc. offers a variety of Devine Inventory solutions:

Devine Inventory HiringPlus™ – This assessment predicts the ability for a candidate to be a top performer for a position by comparing the candidate’s behavioral tendencies to a job Success Profile. The resulting report provides a general hiring recommendation and an overall applicant score, as well as recommended behaviorally based follow-up interview questions.
Devine Hourly Selection™ – If you are looking for a solution specifically designed and targeted for the hourly workforce (particularly high turnover hourly positions), the Hourly Selection assessment may be the solution for you. This quick online assessment only takes applicants about 10 minutes to complete but provides a wealth of information to employers. It will help you save money by identifying those applicants that have a tendency for poor attendance, tardiness, high turnover, poor work ethic, and more.

Devine Inventory Develop™ – Like all other Devine Inventory products, the Develop assessment includes a comprehensive report of The Devine Inventory’s 33 behaviors. This report allows managers and leaders to easily see those behaviors that come naturally to employees and those that come less naturally, in comparison to a job Success Profile. It includes personal growth tips that aid managers in developing performance improvement plans that will enhance employee strengths and improve weaknesses.

Strategic HR inc. can assist with your assessment needs by:

Analyzing the position(s) and your need to help you select the appropriate Devine solution
Providing an overview to candidates and employees so that they have adequate notice and information to complete the assessment
Debriefing you on the results and providing an in-depth analysis discussion
Assisting you with the application of the assessment to develop a structured, behavioral interview
Utilizing the results to help you construct a development plan
The Devine Inventory is easy for existing and potential employees to use:

Assessment takers can simply log in and complete the selected Devine assessment online – at their convenience anytime 24/7
The Devine Inventory typically takes about 25-30 minutes to complete (about 10 minutes for the Hourly Selection)
Results are instant, and strategic HR is notified when the assessment has been completed

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