Benefits of HRE

Delivered to clients through a unique combination of advanced on-line services and a global network of Accredited Partners, Human Resource Excellence provides organisations with a significant competitive edge and formal acknowledgement of International Best Practices in Human Resource Development.

Why implement a formal HR Development Standard?
=>> A substantial improvement in the achievement of the organisation’s Goals and Objectives.
=>> A significant improvement in Customer and Staff Satisfaction surveys.
=>> Higher quality of job applicant and a reduction in costly and disruptive staff turnover.
=>> A marked increase in the ‘involvement, interest and pride’ shown by managers and staff.
=>> Improvements in compliance demands, succession planning for key people and other HR related practices, systems and policies.
=>> Considerably improved Return on Investment (ROI) from the HRD budget.

Why choose Human Resource Excellence?
=>> Strong focus on the performance of the organisation as its primary objective.
=>> Agreed flexibility to meet socio-geographic needs and the requirements of multinationals.
=>> Innovative and cost and time effective support services, combining on-line technologies with a global network of “Accredited Partners”.
=>> The Human Resource Excellence ‘Gold Standard of Excellence’ and associated plaques and materials are an important acknowledgement of International Best HRD Practices.
=>> The HRE Standard is governed and advised by an independent, international, panel of experienced experts, academics and business managers.
=>> The HRE annual Audit Report and Recommendations ensures continual improvement.

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