Career Planning Factors

Researchers have found the following career factors that employees want to achieve (Rothenbach, 1982:43-46):

Career equity. Employees want equity in the areas of promotion, in-house training and out –house training opportunities, participation in various organisational bodies, and such other areas where employees have chance to participate.

• Supervisory Concern. Employees want their supervisors to play an active role in career development and provide timely feedback on performance. They feel that this will give them understanding about their areas of knowledge and skill improvements.

• Awareness of Opportunities. Employees want their organizations to help their career advancement in terms of knowledge, skills and position along hierarchy. Organisations should have scope for promotion and employees will get it without any discrimination with regular interval.

• Employment Interest. Employees need different types of information regarding organisational and extra-organizational matters that affect their careers. They want organisation to provide them these information that will help them to make plan for career development.

Career Satisfaction. This is a vital factor today. Employees want satisfaction in jobs and in careers regarding job autonomy, scope of taking self initiatives, leisure, participation in decision making and other areas of concern.

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