Casual Employment

The practice of hiring employees on a need basis to meet employer’s additional staffing needs during peak business periods. Normally, a casual employee is paid only for the time actually worked and does not receive payment for any public holidays (except under certain circumstances), personal/career’s leave, or annual leave. An important aspect of this type of employment is that the employee’s services may be terminated without notice. Casual employees, refer to those who work irregular hours or on an on-call basis. Casual employees are different from temporary employees who are hired for the purpose of replacing absent employees and are hired for excessive time lines stated for casual employees. Up on completing a certain time period (as per company rules) temporary employee becomes eligible for regular employee but same is not true for casual employee.

Example: Casual employees can be college students who work on campus, with fewer than part-time hours and no benefits or expectation of long-term employment. Often, casual employees are hired to fill in during particularly heavy seasonal work requirements.

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