It refers to counselling, guiding or instructing the learner about the short term job-related skills or long term career hazards. This coaching helps you achieve personal as well as organizational goals. It can be done by anybody who has the required skills and can impart it to others. Great supervisors tend to be great coaches or mentors. They are always willing to share what they have learnt and want people to grow and be more knowledgeable. The supervisor is called a coach while the learner is called the coachee.

Mentoring and coaching are closely related and hence can be used interchangeably.

Skills required for coaching:
• Analytical skills: It is important to know the problem first and then teach or advise someone, otherwise it is futile. It refers to analyzing the coachee and then coaching him according to his needs and requirements.

Interpersonal skills: Along with knowing the problem, it is also important to get the person to listen to you and change himself/herself.

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