Code of Ethics

The organization’s code of conduct applies to every employee and provides employees with guidance in maintaining the ethical and cultural values and standards of the organization that help protect its reputation:

o Honesty:
Organization’s Employees May Not:
– Have potential to, pay or receive any bribes in order to obtain or maintain business.
– Carry out any act of dishonesty or intentionally misrepresent the facts in any business transaction.
– Falsify corporate records, hide improper activities or fail to accurately reflect the organization’s business.

o Political and Community Activities and Contributions:
The organization is not active in politics and does not make political contributions; employees may participate on an individual basis only, and outside the organization premises. The organization encourages employees and managers to practice their responsibility as private citizens and not as organization employees.

o Conflict of Interest:
The organization’s conflict of interest policy is clear: Do not compete with its business, and never let your work at the organization be influenced by personal or family interests.

o Accounts and Record Keeping:
Our business files must reflect all components of transactions. Appropriate records must be kept of all transactions. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain these standards. Employees are expected to cooperate fully with our internal and external accountants/auditors. Information must not be falsified or concealed under any circumstances and an employee whose activities will cause false financial reporting will be subject to disciplinary action.

o Disclosure: Every employee shall disclose directly to his/ her manager any personal situation or transaction that may be in conflict with the organization’s code.

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