Consideration for Effective Interview

Interview can be made effective if following considerations are kept in mind.

1. Prior knowledge about the applicant can bias the interviewer’s evaluation.

2. The interviewer often holds a stereotype of what represents a good applicant.

3. The interviewer often tends to favor applicants who share his or her own attitude.

4. To order in which applicants are interviewed often influences evaluations.

5. The order in which information is elicited influences evaluation.

6. Negative information is given unduly high weight.

7. The interviewers may make a decision as to the applicant’s suitability in the first few minutes of the interview.

8. The interviewer may forget much of the interview’s content within minutes after its conclusion.

9. Structured and well-organized interviews are more reliable.

10. The interview is most valid in determining an applicant’s organizational fit level of motivation, and interpersonal skills.

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