Counselling Techniques

On the idea of techniques content may well be Directive content centre round the counselor. The counselor, when hearing the issues of AN worker, decides what ought to be done and provides recommendation and suggestion to him to resolve the matter. however directive content rarely succeeds, as individuals don’t would like to require up recommendation unremarkably, despite however smart it would be.

Nondirective content is that the method of skilfully listening the emotional issues of AN worker, perceive him and verify the course of action to be adopted to resolve his downside. It focuses on the counselee therefore it’s known as ‘client centred’ ounselling. skilled counselors sometimes adopt this technique of ounselling. The distinctive advantage of this sort of content is its ability to cause the staff reorientation. the most stress is to ‘change’ the person rather than handling his immediate downside solely. The non-directive counselor deals with respect the person thus affected. He takes the person as best to resolve his own issues and he facilitates the person to succeed in his goal.

Cooperative content is that the method within which each the councellor and consumer reciprocally collaborate to resolve the issues of the consumer. it’s not either totally consumer centred nor totally counselor centred however it’s centred each councellor and consumer equally. it’s outlined as mutual discussion of AN employee’s emotional downside to line up conditions and plans of actions that may remedy it. this manner of content seems to be a lot of appropriate to social control angle and temperament in our country.

Among the 3 from of content, the recommendation offered in directive direction considers the surface crises; the non directive content goes to the underlining cause, the $64000 crisis that leads the worker to grasp his downside. it’s therefore steered that non directive to content is, probably, the simplest among the 3 forms.

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