Detailed Activities of a Mentor

=>> Attend regular meetings with the mentee, preferably in an informal environment
=>> Prepare for meetings
=>> Set the agenda for discussions in collaboration with the mentee
=>> Allow out of turn meeting with the mentee if the mentee needs one
=>> Work out plan of action for the mentee in consultation with him
=>> Maintain dialogue and discussions
=>> Act as a sounding board
=>> Observe the mentee and train mentee to observe others
=>> Provide feedback to mentee
=>> Acclimatize the mentee with the values, culture, policies and systems of the organization
=>> Maintain confidentiality befitting mentor-mentee relationship
=>> Take relevant training to become a better mentor
=>> Share information with the mentee about continuing professional development and opportunities
=>> Provide emotional support as needed
=>> Guard against the exploitation of the mentee by other parties

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