Dress for a job interview

First the philosophic then the judge of quality. The first impression of an interview is your first impression. If it is not a good one, chances are that it will not be good the next time. Because the employer’s impression of you on the first impression lasts until the end of the interview. Which can not bring benefits in any way. Because in an interview, an employer not only checks your knowledge but also checks whether you are interested in the job. If you are careless, Asha clothing will send wrong information to the employers. So it is imperative to wear the right clothes during the interview. So let’s know what kind of clothes should be worn in an interview.

Boys wear
1. Wear a light colored suit, tie and leather shoes

2. Do not wear any jewelry other than watches like chains, earrings etc.

3. If you have moles on your hands, neck, or anywhere else, remove them before the interview or keep them out of sight as much as possible.

4. Polish the shoes well.

5. Use light perfumes but very sparingly so as not to cause any irritation

6. Do not wear bracelets, chains, etc

7. For colors refer to navy blue or white shirt and black pants

8. Read full sleeve shirts.

9. Avoid bold colors and exaggerated ties

10. Read black socks

Girls wear
1. You can wear salwar kameez, saree and sandals or shoes

2. You can wear little jewelry but it should be very little.

3. Polish shoes or sandals well.

4. Don’t go for extra makeup. Wear very light makeup so it doesn’t look overdone.

5. Wear saree only if you feel comfortable in saree or don’t wear saree

6. Use nail polish that matches your skin tone

7. Use light perfumes but very sparingly so as not to cause any irritation

8. If wearing heels, make sure you feel comfortable in them

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