During the interview

When you arrive, you will meet your selection board (usually two or three people, including the supervisor of the position and a representative of Human Resources). The team leader will tell you what to expect, and will explain that the board will be recording your answers for later review. Don’t let this recording process distract you—it’s a normal part of the interview and necessary to make a complete assessment later on.

The board will then begin asking you a series of questions to assess your knowledge, abilities and personal suitability. These may include:

Closed questions that demonstrate your knowledge by requiring a specific factual answer.
Open-ended questions that are broader in scope and require you to work through the answer.
Situational questions that describe a hypothetical situation and ask how you would proceed in those circumstances.
Behavioural questions that ask you to describe a time in your own history when you dealt with a certain situation, and to explain how you dealt with it.
You may also participate in a set of exercises that will demonstrate your abilities and suitability for the role. (All candidates for the same role will go through the same testing process.) These may include:

Tests that demonstrate your ability or knowledge of specific relevant tasks, such as keyboarding, accounting principles or writing a memorandum. These may be written or performance-based tests.
Situational exercises that use hypothetical situations to demonstrate your ability to solve problems or make decisions.
When the questioning and testing phases of the interview are over, go ahead and ask any questions you still have about the position, the selection process or any other aspect of working for the Yukon public service.

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