Effective Measures to Hire and Retain Talent

Besides the usual duties of an HR department, one more has been added to the list – Talent Management. Talent Management is about identifying a person’s natural skills, talent, personality and traits, while offering him or her job. Each person has a certain tale nt suited to a specific job profile. For example, in my case, the talent of being able to write well has got me into the field of content writing. It is the HR who hires and identifies the talent of new hires and places them in the right job in their organization.


It is not as simple as it sounds. An employee stuck in the wrong job would result in new hires, re-training and other activities. Talent management is important for an organization as globalization and competition have increased the need to retain good performers in their field of operation.

Despite its importance, talent management has two challenges to face. The first is about finding new talent to fit in to the required job description. The second lies in retaining existing employees. People change jobs for reasons such as unhealthy working atmosphe re, better opportunities, good compensation package, gap between the organizational goals, personal goals and bad manage ment.

It is vital for the HR department to hire the right employee for a proper role in the organization or else increased attrition will contribute to the loss of business. Some effective measures for HR to hire and retain talent are:

Hire right people: Hiring the right people for the right job is beneficial to the organization as well as new hires.

Keep up the promises: When a company commits to one candidate, it has to live up to their promise and vice versa.

Good working environment: A healthy work environment is the key to the growth of any business.
Recognition of Merit: Timely motivation, rewards and appreciation will keep the employees’ spirit alive and encourage them to perform better.

Provide Learning Opportunities: Regular learning opportunities, on and off the job training sessions, management development programs and distance learning programs should be conducted for employees.
Time to de-stress: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Similarly, an increase in work responsibilities and pressure can lower one’s productivity. Regular entertainment programs, fun activities, etc, will leave employees refreshed and increased energy.

Today’s competitive world demands that organizations retain existing talent in every form, making it imperative for the Human Resource department to nurture talent management effectively. It is beneficial to the organization as well as the employees.

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