Emotional Awareness of Others

How aware are you of the emotions of those around you ? Maybe if they tell you – or overtly demonstrate the emotional state by their negative behaviour – you will know.

This is the skill of seeing – or reading – and understanding the emotions of others.

The outcome you achieve with this competency is a greater understanding of others, how to engage, respond, motivate and connect with them. It boosts interpersonal effectiveness.

People who are aware of others emotions ask others how they feel about different issues at work. They acknowledge the emotions they see in others by discussing what they see.

They’ll spend time getting to know what makes people feel different ways in the workplace.

And they’ll understand the things that can cause others to feel different ways in the workplace.

For some people, this becomes an intuitive response – to read other people – but generally we develop this skill be observing the messages sent out by the other person.

This can be done by listening to the tone of their voice, the words they say, he expression on their face and the body language demonstrated in other ways such as waving of arms or looking away. Sometimes in ‘micro-messages’ – the slight movement of facial muscles, the eye movement or slight pauses or intonation in speech.

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