Emotional Self Awareness

One of the greatest skills we can have that of awareness. As individuals if we are aware of what is happening around us or to us then we can decide how we feel about that and from that then what we want to do about it, if anything. But if we aren’t aware – we are lost. If we aren’t aware it’s a sunny day, for instance we aren’t going to be able to enjoy it because we may stay inside. If it’s a rainy day and we forget our umbrella, well, we get wet ! If we aren’t aware of how we can do things differently in life or that there is another, perhaps better way, or if we aren’t aware that something else exists, then we are limited indeed in our potential.

Emotional Self Awareness is the skill of being able to recognise that firstly we are experiencing an emotion and then, the effect that emotion is having on us.

There are many times during the day when I check-in on my emotional state. That might sound like a bit of a strange process, but in just a second or so, I’ll note that “Yeah, I’m feeling really good” Or if something happens that I’m not happy with I will be aware of how I feel. I’ll acknowledge the emotion, the feeling. When, some years ago, I began this process, it took a little more than a ‘moment’ – “yes, this is really annoying me right now
– and yes, I’m starting to feel angry.”

When we practice this ‘thinking process’, there are two very important things which come out of this awareness. Firstly, that we are experiencing the emotion and secondly how we are going to let it affect us – or not.

People who are high in this skill are able to identify and understand the impact their feelings are having on thoughts, decisions and performance at work.

They reflect on their own emotions and how they may be influencing their thoughts and behaviours.

And they are more in-tune with how their own thoughts and behaviours will affect others.

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