English proficiency during interviews

If this sounds like you,
here’s a simple guide to help you 👇

Understand your weaknesses:
👉 Figure out where your English can improve.
👉 Believe that you can get better with a bit of effort.

Smart preparation:
👉 Look at the job you want and learn the words they use.
👉 Practice not just common questions but also ones related to the job.

Practice like it’s real:
👉 Pretend you’re in a real interview with a friend.
👉 Ask for advice on how to talk better for the job you want.

Courses that help you speak better:
👉 Find classes that teach English for your job.
👉 Learn words that are important for your work.

Learn from Everyday Stuff:
👉 Watch or read things in English about your job.
👉 Copy how they talk and use those words.
👉 Use their advice to talk better in a way that fits your job.

Practice talking to people in your field:
👉 Talk to people doing the job you want.
👉 Try using their words when you talk to them.

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