Features of Benchmarking Recruitment Process

In order to completely align the recruitment process / strategy with the business plans, so as to stay ahead of the curve with the leaders in recruiting top talent from the industry, a set of benchmarked processes should be followed with maximum efficiencies:

Capturing Resumes
=>> Existing database / resume to be integrated
=>> Candidate registration on company website
=>> Job websites
=>> From advertisements / via email / snail mail
=>> Campus recruitment
=>> Employee referrals
=>> Recruitment vendors
=>> Job fairs

Managing Resumes
=>> Receive and manage responses from all sources
=>> Create, search, archieve and backup resumes
=>> Import resumes
=>> Track history of Candidates
=>> Check for duplicates

Candidate Communication
=>> Mail box
=>> Customary reply
=>> Tests
=>> Interviews
=>> In-process status
=>> Selection
=>> Rejection
=>> On hold
=>> Conditional closure
=>> Offer letters
=>> Other templates

Vendor Management
=>> Vendor Registration
=>> Track and evaluate vendor performance
=>> Create preferred vendor lists
=>> Send email notifications to preferred vendors
=>> Status checking
=>> Account management

System Administration
=>> Add / manage users & roles
=>> Create interview panels
=>> Manage system settings
=>> Set up approval chains based on user profiles mapped to business rules
=>> Control user access across different offices through Logins / Passwords
=>> Generate MIS reports

Other Key Features
=>> Generate detailed real-time reports
=>> Customized alerts and notifications
=>> Integration with HRIS

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