Forecasting HR requirements

The next step is to forecast HR needs for the future based on the strategic goals of the organization. Realistic forecasting of human resources involves estimating both demand and supply. Questions to be answered include:

How many staff will be required to achieve the strategic goals of the organization?
What jobs will need to be filled?
What skill sets will people need?
When forecasting demands for HR, you must also assess the challenges that you will have in meeting your staffing need based on the external environment. To determine external impacts, you may want to consider some of the following factors:

How does the current economy affect our work and our ability to attract new employees?
How do current technological or cultural shifts impact the way we work and the skilled labour we require?
What changes are occurring in the Canadian labour market?
How is our community changing or expected to change in the near future?
To read more about the changing labour force and why it matters to non-profit employers, go to the Diversity at Work section of the HR Toolkit:

Why diversity at work matters

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