Functions of HR Manager

A human resource manager has various functions in a company

=>> Determining staff needs.
=>> Determining whether to use temporary staff or hire employees to meet these needs.
=>> Determining dos and don’ts.
=>> Hiring the best employees.
=>> Train employees and develop their learning skills.
=>> Supervise work.
=>> Evaluate work.
=>> Establishing a ‘disciplined work culture’ in the organization.
=>> Avoid office politics.
=>> Implementation of ‘HR software’ for work facilitation in the organization.

Managing employee relations. Conduct collective bargaining, if union exists.
=>> Preparing employee records and personal policies.
=>> Administering employee payroll, benefits and compensation.
=>> Ensuring equal opportunities.
=>> Agreement with discrimination.
=>> Addressing performance issues.
=>> Ensure that human resource practices are compliant with various regulations.
=>> Motivating employees
=>> Mediation of disputes.
=>> To disseminate information in the organization to facilitate its growth.
=>> To develop managers’ interpersonal skills to be effective. Organizational behavior focuses on how to improve the factors that make organizations more effective.

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