Grievance FAQ

What is a grievance procedure?
When an employee feels that they’ve been wronged – be it an unfair paycheck, an unpleasant assignment, or sexual harassment, they can file a grievance with the company they work for. This is a formal complaint procedure that generally has rules that the investigator must follow.

How long should a grievance procedure take?
This is heavily dependent on the situation at hand. When the complaint is something complicated or with a long history, it may take months to resolve a concern. A grievance filed over a one-time incident can be resolved within a matter of hours.

What does the grievance process look like?
The exact process will vary per company but, usually, it will look something like this
1) the employee makes a formal, written complaint
2) an official investigation begins
3) the investigator writes a conclusion
4) a mediator may be called in
5) there are consequences
6) if the employee isn’t happy with the outcome, they can take their grievance to court.

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