History of Human Resource Management

In the early 20th century, human resource management originated from the scientific management theory of Frederick Taylor. Scientific management basically brought process efficiency, efficiency and economy in production. To put this scientific management into practice, it needed a more advanced theory which came to be known as Human Relations Science. Later this human relations science takes the form of human resource management.

Elton Mayo in the mid-twentieth century, while studying human relations science, showed how raising wages and workers’ wages accelerated the production system and motivated workers to produce more. Also, management experts such as Max Viber, Abraham Maslow, Herzberg and David McClelland laid a clear foundation for human organizational behavior and organizational theory.

Human Resource Management vs Public Administration:
The concept of modern human resource management is functionally almost identical to that of conventional public administration but objectively different. Public administration is a mechanical process. And the purpose of human resource management is to achieve the goals and objectives of the business organization.

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