How to Reach Corporate Recruiters as a Candidate

If you’re actively trying to “get into” a particular company, dealing with corporate employment sites can be very difficult. The recruiting process, especially in large enterprise environments, can be very long. If you can make a personal connection to corporate recruiting or talent acquisition, you might be able to get a leg up on your competition. However, you don’t want to annoy them – corporate recruiters are very busy, and contacting them outside of the proscribed avenues can be seen as wrong.

Here are some tips for reaching out to talent acquisition in a good way:

>++> Follow the exact guidelines for submitting your resume and fill out all fields, even if optional.
>++> This goes without saying, but make sure to use proper grammar and perfect spelling.
>++> Include a cover letter that is highly personal to the company to which you are applying. Corporate recruiters read a lot of resumes and cover letters, and they tire very quickly of generic candidate applications.
>++> Give the corporate recruiter time at each stage of action. For instance, it’s ok to follow up with a personal email or Linkedin InMail to a corporate recruiter a week after you’ve already applied. If you don’t wait or contact them before you apply, they will simply ask you to apply to the job online. After you talk to the corporate recruiter, don’t call them back the next day for feedback – it can be annoying for busy professionals. Instead be persistent and courteous – after each contact, wait a couple of days and then follow up.
>++> Be interested in the individual recruiter. If you actually do reach a corporate recruiter, make sure to ask them about their roles and their personal opinion of the team and how you might fit in the organization. Don’t create the assumption that you want to work there – create the perception that you want to work there – if and only if there is a >++> perfect match available. Recruiters understand the reality of each department and hiring manager better than anyone – be sure to use them as a resource. You want an advocate.
>++> Be sure to keep them informed about your job search, especially if you are actively interviewing. Be open and honest about your other opportunities. This will ensure a proper sense of urgency and develop an honest relationship with the corporate recruiter.

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