How to write a Resume / Biodata

Resumes or CVs are the mirror image of a candidate who is applying for his/her dream job. Every employer is looking forward to pick up the best candidate and a candidate’s resume speaks volumes about a person’s caliber and skills.
List Facts The most important factor in any resume should be that a candidate should write down the facts. An individual should highlight the academic awards, achievements, extracurricular work, skill-sets etc but should always ensure that they only write the truth.

Short and Crisp Employers everyday burdened with hundreds of resumes and potential employees. Individuals keep bombarding HRs with their CVs for any potential opening. Hence, they have limited time. Thus, it is critical to have a CV which is ideally “one-page” or maximum two-pages.

Highlight achievements in bullet points A neat resume should have points like academic achievements, skills, different exams cleared, extracurricular awards etc. But all these should be written crisply, in a single sentence and in bullet points.

Accurate Personal Details Every resume must have all accurate personal details like Full Name, Mobile Number, Email Address and Residential Address. These details should be accurate as this is how a potential employer would be able to communicate with the candidates

Prioritize Work experience and Academic Details A resume should showcase the latest details at the top. A resume should have the following:
Work Experience: Current Job and previous jobs, Profile, Key highlights, Number of months
Academic Experience: Post-graduation, Graduation & School details, marks/percentage/GPA, year of passing

Extra-curricular Achievements & Hobbies A resume should not only give professional and academic details about a candidate but it should also highlight the other interests, hobbies and extracurricular achievements like sports, music, reading etc.

Highlight Keywords Resumes need to have clear and crisp information furbished. Candidates must “highlight keywords” so that it grabs the attention of the employer in a positive way. Keywords should be used only where required to highlight special achievements which make your resume stand-out.

Updated Resume Every resume should have the latest information about the candidate and should not show any out-dated or obsolete data. Latest information about the candidate must be written, with the latest events highlighted at the top.

Show leadership qualities and positions of responsibility Employers look for individuals who have the potential to learn quickly, take initiatives and also take a position of leadership in the organization. Hence, highlighting positions of responsibility give the employers a sense of confidence in the candidate.

Choosing the correct format A resume should have a neat and clean look with all the headings clearly visible. Hence choosing the most accurate and simple format is also important.

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