HR 4.0 and Digitalization

HR transformation has been a hot topic for very many years. Especially but not exclusively in mid-market companies the success-rate has been low.

In our eyes primarily for 2 reasons:

1. companies (including their own HR) do not see the company-wide transformation necessary (not only HR, but line-management and employee-ism) or simply do not master it
2. there is simply no budget for the different types of HR-employee-profiles necessary to fully run a successful model following #DaveUlrich. Even if there is a budget, market-availability of the specific profiles within the HR field is low.

Today, as companies see transactional value in organization focussed HR and ERP systems like #Workday, the hurdle of high entry cost disappears due to solid and reliable business casing.

It is easily missed that this opens the door for everyone to succeed in HR transformation and delivering true business value. The need for a multitude of employee-profiles decreases as a system, process automation and RPA can fill for many transactional tasks. Through this the focus shifts from ”what to do” and ”to do” with a quantum leap to ”why to do”, ”what for” and ”for what impact / value”- true business partnering. At the same time implementation becomes so much easier following simple ”tools before rules” thinking. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly rethink the entire HR-process-world on a green-field- approach with added business-value and human-experience in mind.

On the flip side, when compliance, process, information and visualization no longer poses a challenge and is omni-available, HR really needs to start working and delivering on understanding their specific business and creating solutions fit for it. HR will far more likely be put to the test and won’t be turned down anymore due to cost, feasibility or the ability to trace.

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